Monday, March 15, 2010

11 Months - Can you believe it???

11 Months old this week!! Our big girl is growing up by the minute!!
She can now crawl, say mama & if you ask what the doggie says she will say "woof woof"
Favorite foods are Mac & Cheese, yogurt, puffs & yogurt melts!!
She loves her puppies!! Loves to go for walks & going to the park!! Can't wait for some warm weather so we can go swimming :)


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Months & Counting...

I'm so bad at updating my blog! Madison will soon be approaching 6months! I can hardly believe it! She is such a joy.. I swear she is the BEST baby ever.. We truly have been blessed!! She has rolled over once, loves to play with her feet, eat her hands, holds her binkee, SMILES all the time, kind of likes rice cereal, loves sweet potatoes & hates pea's & green beans!!!

I can't believe our baby girl went from This to This!!! Such a little lady! WE love her SOOOOO much!!!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday in heaven Isabella

Today is baby Isabella's 1st Birthday in heaven..

We love you baby girl! Thank you for sending us your little sister!

We will be sending you a birthday balloon to heaven today <3


Mommy, Daddy & Madison


Friday, May 1, 2009

Madison Claire - 4/20/09 5:25pm 4lbs 15oz 17.5 inches

Madison Claire was born on 4/20/09 5:25pm 4lbs 15oz 17.5 inches Via C-Section!!

Our little peanut is such a joy! We love her SO much :)




Tuesday, March 17, 2009

32 Weeks 4 Days & Strict Bedrest...

I went in for my my appt this morning only to be sent to labor and delivery...

I'm 1CM dilated - & my Cervix is 50% Anterior - (Meaning it's level with her head, in labor position) I guess your cervix is suppose to measure 4cm and mine is already at 2cm.. She needs to stay put AT LEAST 3 more weeks!!!!!

They were going to do that test to determine if i'd go into labor in 2 weeks but the dr already checked me so they couldn't..

They were also going to start steriods but are waiting too see what happens at friday's appt...

I go back to the Dr. on Friday for another NST & to be checked again...

Which us luck :) & Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

31 Weeks

Time is Flying!! Today is my 29th Birthday and I'm 31 weeks!!

We had an ultrasound yesterday & Madison is 3 lbs and measuring in the 37th percentile!

Today I had a Dr. appt and everything was good! I've been having alot of pain/pressure on my cervix and the Dr. did an internal. I'm closed and high but the pressure is little Missy's head!!! She is VERY low!!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of my beautiful baby girl!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

28 Weeks 4 Days

Today's Dr. appt went well! BP was good, i passed my second 3hr glucose test and cervix was high and closed! Woo Hoo.. We have an U/S in 2 weeks to check her weight!

Today was also our 3D Ultrasound! Little Miss decided she did not want too cooperate! First she was facing my back then turned a little and had her foot in or by her face the whole time! We got a few good shots but are going back in March in hopes for some better pics ;)